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How ER can help you make an impact as an HR leader and better understand your organisation

Whether promoted to a new role or arriving fresh into an organisation as an HR leader, you will likely come bursting with ideas and eager to hit the ground running from day one. However, with […]

Six steps HR leaders can take to communicate organisational goals with their teams

As the lifeblood of many organisations, the HR department has a pivotal role to play in steering your business’s direction, developing its culture, improving infrastructure and operations, and determining how you can better invest in […]

How ER cloud technology can improve your HR reporting capabilities

Cloud technology adoption throughout the HR industry has accelerated over recent years, especially in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. That is because organisations had to move quickly to provide innovative solutions to ensure their teams […]

How data is supporting HR leaders to drive meaningful change throughout their organisations

For mid-large sized organisations and their HR departments, having access to advanced technology is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have. When time is stretched and workloads show no signs of slowing down, the last […]

Why a data-driven culture will be the biggest HR and ER trend in 2022

From adopting remote working solutions to migrating to the cloud, during the last two years many organisations have done everything they needed, to maintain some form of ‘business as usual’. For several HR leaders and […]

Is flexible working to become the default?

For employers, the pandemic has raised many hurdles. But one of the most notable for many, was the unprecedented requirement for staff – with the exception of key workers — to work from home. Presenting […]

Six ways ER tech is shaking up the HR industry

For many years, employee relations (ER) has been dismissed by some organisations as a tactical, operational necessity that isn’t given the gravitas that it deserves. However, what these businesses are not factoring in is that […]

Download the guide | 7 employee relations (ER) priorities an HR leader must focus on in their first 90 days

Stepping into your new HR leadership role can be a daunting task. However, in those initial few months you are in a powerful position to make an instant impact on your organisation’s people, processes, and […]

Should your employment lawyer care about employee relations (ER) software?

Organisations commonly rely on employment lawyers when they are encountering change, facing periods of uncertainty, or battling fears of non-compliance. In fact, HR teams have typically only ‘plugged in’ their professional expertise when it is […]

How to ensure performance does not slip when employees work from home

The Covid-19 pandemic has meant many employers have had to get used to home working where it might not have previously been an option. And, as April 2021 research by the CIPD states, 33% of employers agree […]

Authentic leadership begins with employee relations

Turn the clock back five, ten or even twenty years and the ‘desirable’ skillset that would have formed a large part of an HR director’s role, would have been dramatically different to what is expected […]

Does HR software empower business leadership?

Software vendors have published thousands of articles over the years talking about the extent to which HR technologies can reduce admin, promote employee engagement, and liberate the strategic thinking capabilities of HR professionals. The market […]

Could data analysis drive a new level of employee relations?

Data is everywhere, in both our personal and professional lives. Some people love how it has transformed the way they shop, bank, communicate and so on, with data-driven algorithms driving ultra-personalised and highly convenient interactions. […]

A new look for esphr!

We have some exciting news to share, although – spoiler alert – you might have already noticed our website has had something of a refresh… With simpler navigation and smarter information – that is mobile-friendly […]

How to handle requests from employees who want to work remotely from other countries

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about a seismic shift in the way everyone now works. As employees made the transition from office to home working in March 2020, employers are perhaps receiving more requests from […]