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Employment law and the metaverse

What is the metaverse? The metaverse is a network of connected virtual spaces or “worlds” with a focus on social interaction, often through the use of avatars. Many people will be familiar with the concept […]

In an employee market, are employers doing enough – not only to attract new talent, but to retain existing staff too?

Charlotte Morris, senior solicitor for esphr, explains how the current fuel crisis has highlighted long standing complaints from HGV drivers amid concerns about pay and working conditions – and how this is not the only […]

Ownership and use of social media by employees in the UK

Social media provides businesses with an instant mechanism to connect, communicate, share and exchange information with the world and is a great way of building connections with customers and potential customers. While there are considerable benefits […]

#MeToo and Beyond – Time to take sexual harassment allegations seriously (Part 1)

No one will have missed the multiple sexual assault and harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood hitting the headlines late in 2017. This prompted the “Me Too” movement, with over half a million women across […]

10 social media accounts every HR leader needs to follow

One of the things the HR industry doesn’t suffer from is a lack of information. Access to high quality resources, articles and features for just about any subject is at our fingertips. The only problem […]

Don’t fear it. Why a subscription plan for legal support is the way to go for savvy HR teams.

Do you use Office 365? Dropbox for Business? Vodafone for business? Have you used Netflix, Amazon or Spotify? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you’ve already placed your trust in […]

New Data Protection Laws – GDPR

Our current data protection laws will change on 25 May 2018. This may seem a long way off but the changes are fundamental and will include massively increased fines for breaches of the new regime. […]

The 4 trends set to shake up HR in 2017

HR is an ever-evolving function in business and there are always new trends aiming to perfect the way HR works, save time, manage budget better and drive stronger employee engagement. Yet when you’re in the […]

How come HR teams with smaller budgets seem able to do more?

In HR, it’s all systems go and you probably don’t get much time to stop and look around at what’s going on outside of your own organisation. But sometimes it’s worth a little nosey to […]

Tackle potential HR issues during the Euros

The start of the Euros on 10 June 2016 is bringing anticipation and excitement to millions of football fans across Europe but this time of fun and “backing your team” could cause a headache for […]

Social media misconduct

We are finding that an increasing number of employers are coming to us with inappropriate content an employee has posted on social media sites such as Facebook. This isn’t surprising given that one billion people […]

Do employers really have the right to access the private messages of their employees?

Contrary to what headlines earlier in the week may have led you to believe, there are still limits to how an employer can monitor employees’ private messages. The recent European Court of Human Rights decision […]