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We are a Legal Week Innovation Awards 2022 finalist

 celebratory email landed in our inbox recently, announcing that we have been shortlisted in the Legal Week Innovation Awards – for the third time in as many years. Previously a ‘Future of Legal Services Innovation […]

CEO Pete Byrne leaves esphr after nearly two decades at helm

After 17 years as CEO and founder, Pete Byrne has stepped down from esphr having helped our organisation complete the first phase of the mid-market expansion and successful acquisition by Marlowe plc. Established in 2003 […]

Why a data-driven culture will be the biggest HR and ER trend in 2022

From adopting remote working solutions to migrating to the cloud, during the last two years many organisations have done everything they needed, to maintain some form of ‘business as usual’. For several HR leaders and […]

10 things to look for in ER software

With businesses – irrespective of their organisational culture – now talking about employee relations (ER) more than ever before, it’s an important time to think about the role of ER technology, and the part it […]

Can there ever be a happy marriage between HR teams and their employment law advisors?

Pete Byrne, our founder and CEO, delves into the traditional relationship between HR departments and employment law teams – and what the missing ‘spark’ could be to ensure true wedded bliss. The current climate has shone […]

Why businesses must start caring about the impact of Employee Relations

By its very nature, Employee Relations (ER) can often be unfairly labelled as a ‘must have’ tactical, operational necessity. Something ‘stuck in the HR corner’ and vastly overlooked when it comes to budget allocation. However, ER is […]

Don’t fear it. Why a subscription plan for legal support is the way to go for savvy HR teams.

Do you use Office 365? Dropbox for Business? Vodafone for business? Have you used Netflix, Amazon or Spotify? If the answer to any of the above is yes, then you’ve already placed your trust in […]

Why being on The Law Society Excellence Awards shortlist matters

Update: We had an incredible evening at The Law Society Excellence Awards. Though ultimately we didn’t win our category, what a privilege it was to be there. Our place on the shortlist was the victory […]

How HR Directors can leverage the Legal Services Act to their advantage

So you want to leave a legacy. Of course you do; it’s what being a visionary HR leader is all about. But it can sometimes be unclear where to focus your attention when you oversee […]

The right (and wrong) time to use a traditional law firm

Your HR team has most likely relied on employment law advice from a traditional law firm forever and a day. Most companies have.   And with good reason. They are experts at what they were […]

HR Flash Point: How do I sell my HR project to the board?

There’s nothing quite as frustrating, is there? Especially if you’re made to feel small about it. Humiliated.   When you’ve had a lightbulb moment, raised your hand and suggested an idea that will undoubtedly help […]

4 reasons why ABS’s are the future of specialist HR advice

You’ve probably heard of them. But how much do you know about them? Alternative Business Structures are the new breed of law firms who are proposing a very different way for your HR team to […]

ESP “raising the profile” of ABSs

It’s with real vigour that we’ve launched into running ESP Law since it was approved by the SRA in 2015, keen to deliver specialist employment law advice in way that meets HR teams’ needs. And […]

Launch of new ESP branding and website: giving your HR team better insights into employment law

No, you’re not in the wrong place. It’s still us, ESP. Just looking a whole lot sleeker. You come to us following the launch of our rebranded and fully-upgraded website. It’s been built to be […]

3 reasons for annual HR budget overrun

No matter how carefully you plan it, HR budgets can often be thrown off track by a number of different issues, including unexpected events or hidden costs. According to McLean & Company, most forecasts underestimate […]