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Employee Relations just got strategic

Introducing MyHRCases – the only ER case management tool with 1-click employment lawyer integration.

Seeing is believing...

Transform your HR landscape with our state-of-the-art HR case management software, dedicated to optimising the handling of ER cases and enhancing overall HR efficiency.

To explore the look and feel of MyHRCases and view some of the feature-rich functionality for yourself, enjoy this short 90-second video which walks through everything you need to know…

Next-generation ER case management software for in-house and lawyer-instructed matters.

Improve case load visibility

This feature-rich system integrates every aspect of ER case management to ensure all critical information is in one, easy-to-navigate place, with proactive alerts to ensure tasks are never missed.

Reduce costs & resolve matters

Work closely with your legal team for a collaborative, compliant approach to case management that reduces costs and resolves ER matters before they escalate to a tribunal.

Re-engineer case workflows to revolutionise process efficiencies

Integrate line management and your legal advisors into a streamlined, automated, re-engineered process, creating extra capacity and capability to manage increasing case-loads.

Put ER on the strategic agenda

Interrogate your ER data with proactive case management reporting that instigates commercially-savvy, strategic change, tailored to your organisation.

What is MyHRCases?

Brought to you by esphr, MyHRCases is a revolutionary cloud-based ER case management application, engineered specifically to satisfy the demand from ER and HR professionals in the UK.

The mature HR software administration marketplace has very little strategic provision for Employee Relations activity – a topic commonly dismissed as merely a tactical issue. But savvy organisations large and small know ER data is critical management information, which should be analysed, reported on and interrogated.

Following 18 months of development, MyHRCases therefore rids ER teams of cumbersome in-house systems or paper-based records and provides an intuitive, fully-integrated ER case management tool with the ability to instruct ESP’s lawyers to maintain legal privilege, in only one click.

Your case management toolkit

Driven by customer demand, MyHRCases is a feature-rich ER case management application including:

Dynamic dashboards

See all open and closed cases in one place, with the option to pin key cases, set alerts, monitor workflow progress and so much more.

Lawyer instruction

Escalate an in-house matter to your legal team in just one click – the instant transfer of information is quick, easy and offers maximum peace of mind.

Bespoke workflows

Establish best-practice processes which alert the right person to carry out the right action at the right time. Schedule, delegate and act with key reminder alerts and notifications automatically built in.

Document storage & folder management

Drag, drop, browse and store all relevant employee and case management documentation, for a comprehensive central hub of data, and auto-bundle all information for slicker, more secure ET claims management.

ER Report builder

Create, run and analyse reports configured to the ER and HR management information you really need – identify trends, predict employment tribunal settlement outcomes, encourage boardroom conversations and instigate positive change.

Best practice resources

Access hundreds of document precedents, information and wider resources, created and updated by your own personal legal advisory team.

Advanced, powerful search

Look for information relevant to any cases with our intuitive search function.

Organisational mapping

Represent complex corporate structures with simple drag and drop functionality – there’s no need to integrate wider in-house systems.

Flexible user permissions

Create super-users within your team but also restrict access to sensitive cases for maximum discretion – permissions are entirely configurable to your requirements.

Key Benefits

No more strained in-house systems

Move on from self-built, in-house tools and disparate paper records with savvy case management software designed to make a commercial difference.


This cloud-based case management software has been engineered with security and compliance in mind.

Effortlessly simple

Easy-to-use – by design – our seamless onboarding process is accompanied with thorough training and set-up guidance.

Legal privilege

Collaborate with your lawyer without fear of escalating costs, and as soon as the legal team is instructed on a case, all data from the point of instruction becomes legally privileged.

Strategic support

The esphr team is here to support you long into the future – so whether you have a minor operational query or need help building a complex ER report, get in touch with us.

All-inclusive pricing

MyHRCases includes all of the case management functionality you need – as requested by ER and HR managers – for a fixed annual subscription.

Revolutionising the HR-lawyer relationship

As one of the UK’s first ABS employment law firms, esphr has always challenged the status quo. Mindful of the limitations of online HR advisory services and the cost-prohibitive support of traditional law firms, esphr is a new model employment law firm and HR business partner.

Gone are the days of a reactionary HR-lawyer relationship, where organisations are reluctant to reach out because they’re always ‘on the clock’.

The goal – with everything we do – is to save customers time and money, fix their legal spend, boost their commerciality and upskill their team. MyHRCases means we now have a trio of strategic integrated ER services, which can do just that, and all are available for one fixed annual subscription cost.

Employment law advice

Receive unlimited, specialist employment law advice via your own dedicated legal advisory team – helping you to tackle every ER matter, no matter how complex.

Specialist immigration employment law support

We’re here to help you spend less time tackling extensive immigration legislation and more time prioritising projects to drive meaningful change.

Employment tribunal support

When presented with a claim against your business, it’s vital that you have access to specialist, expert advice and employment law support to help ensure the best outcome for your business.

Online HR resources

Access an extensive online HR resources portal containing hundreds of compliance and best practice documents, templates, alongside learning and development tools.

ER case management

Log and manage all ER cases – as well as escalate matters to your personal legal advisors – all in one place via our market-leading, cloud-based ER case management system, MyHRCases.

E-learning platform

Complete our online CPD-accredited courses to upskill your line managers in subjects including unauthorised absence, discrimination and appraisals.

Latest news and updates

For employment law news, HR guidance and industry trends – we have you covered. Stay up to date with the latest advice and relevant insight designed to further upskill HR and ER professionals.

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