As far we are concerned ESP are definitely our Employment Law Firm of the Year. Although we have not worked with ESP for that long, I feel that the quality of their advice and support and the model that they operate has significantly changed our relationship towards the legal profession.

Sometimes, involving a lawyer is regarded with apprehension, sometimes with unfriendliness and often with a sense being the port of last resort, but our experience is that ESP doesn’t fit that model and they have definitely become our first port of call.

We enjoy our interactions with them and appreciate the in-depth expertise they provide. The confidence that has developed as a result really adds value to the support that we can bring to problem resolution in the work place.

Hugh Stewart, Group Head of Human Resources, Hydrock Group Ltd

We were using some pretty expensive city lawyers before — but we wanted to get one consistent supplier, whilst being conscious of the cost. We chose ESP after careful consideration of all our options. There is a real in-house feel to the relationship, in that they know our business and the issues we face.

The wider HR team can avoid the cautious approach you can naturally adopt when costs are on the clock every time you pick up the phone to a lawyer which can, in turn, lead to the ER team not making certain calls solely down to cost implications. The ESP model means they can sense check cases daily and are less inclined to take a risk when specialist advice is readily accessible. I think the sense checking or sounding board part of the ESP model is very valuable.

Dominique Ogilvie, HRD, Corporate HR Operations, Ladbrokes Coral Group

The advice we used to receive was rarely commercial. Previously, we spent a lot of time, effort and budget on dealing with ER issues; now we don’t because we’re with ESP. They are able to give us super commercial advice which ensures positive results that are felt across the business.

It has transformed the HR function and this has made an impact on the business. We are able to capitalise on the time saved to do the projects we knew would make a difference. The wider business is already recognising this.

There is another happy by-product of our relationship with ESP. Speaking to our own dedicated employment lawyers is good exposure and experience for the HR team; it has been excellent for their professional training and development.

Yolanda Wijesinghe, HR Director UK & Ireland, PVH

We save considerable time by not having to create things from scratch anymore and ESP helps us to make the best use of the limited resources we do have. With a background in international HR, my time is now better spent putting my focus there than on managing day-to-day operational issues. 

What’s more, it’s great to have a quick sounding board. With ESP, we can think about something and put it into action very quickly. Recently, for example, we were able to pull a template from the ESP portal as soon as we had an issue, adapt it to what we needed and speak to a lawyer. ESP is our guide and operational ‘helping hand’; the process is really simple and straightforward and without any bureaucracy — whilst still being professional and legally-compliant, which fits with our organisation’s culture and values.

Lynda Brennan, HR Manager, Lumos Foundation

Other options we looked at simply didn’t offer the flexibility, and external legal advice at the end of the phone line, when we needed it. Having a dedicated legal advisory team who I can speak to on a regular basis allows them to build up knowledge about our organisation and understand what I’m looking for from their advice.

I have a good relationship with our dedicated lawyers who know and understand our business. Unlike some lawyers, they’re able to provide me with solutions rather than just telling me what the law is. Because the service and response from ESP is so prompt, if an employment-related situation arises, it is dealt with very quickly.

Wendy Rushton, HR Business Partner, PACEY

With other suppliers, the available documentation in many cases seemed like regurgitated letters and there wasn’t an option to be able to speak to a specialist employment lawyer who understood your business.

What I like about ESP is their combination of high quality documentation and policies made available to us through the website, alongside the instant access to specialist legal advice. Best of all is having our own dedicated lawyer we can speak to whenever we need. The advice they give is simple to understand and tailored to our business and its specific challenges.

Although we still use a traditional law firm on certain specialist employment law matters, working with ESP gives me peace of mind that we’re on top of employment law on day to day matters. I know ESP is up to date. Working with ESP has also proved a massive cost benefit for the business.

Barry Searle, Chief Operating Officer, Castle Trust

Initially, I did not believe they would be able to deliver everything they promised, but ESP have exceeded my expectations. 

When I was promoted to HR manager, with responsibility for all HR within the business, I really appreciated how ESP cared about me personally and understood the challenges and responsibilities I faced.

Key to the relationship has been Nina Robinson, my dedicated employment lawyer, with whom I’ve had day-to-day contact discussing employment law advice. I love how Nina ‘gets’ what I’m trying to do and gives appropriately tailored advice for our business. From such close contact, I now feel more empowered to deal with issues myself and take on the bigger projects that I know will have a major impact on the business.

Joanne Shaw, HR Manager, Antler Ltd

ESP offers very fast and effective legal advice, which is just the sort of responsiveness we need. Instead of just giving their opinion, the employment lawyers see the issue from your perspective and work with you to find a way of solving it.

ESP has allowed me to push forward important projects and perform at a higher level. In the time since ESP started working with us my role has changed drastically. I now have the time and headspace to think less about everyday issues and more about strategic HR planning.

Dannielle White, Human Resources Operational Director, Keepmoat

You are looking after us perfectly! Everyone I‘ve dealt with at the various arms of ESP have been brilliant! I get on really well with Lesley, ESP's Administration Executive, and Fiona, my Legal Advisor, is just fantastic! Honestly, I would be lost without her words of wisdom. Thankfully these days I have a good idea of what we can and can’t do but it’s great that Fiona and I seem to be on the same wavelength and she is always there to point me in the right direction should I go off on a tangent. She has an incredible ability to focus my mind on the specifics of a case and show me the way forward when I get stuck. I can’t sing her praises enough!

Chris Lake, Operations Director, Glendining Signs Ltd

ESP offer fantastic advice and support to our HR team. In the early stages of my HR career their expert advice has given me peace of mind that we are following correct procedure and protecting ourselves. They always offer up to date and professional advice and I would highly recommend them! 

Jenny Bannister, HR Advisor, Golf Breaks Limited

I have worked with ESP for approximately 2 years now and consider them to be a key partner. From day-to-day employment advice to more complex legal matters, ESP have worked with me every step of the way and really spent the time to get to know our business.

I always know that help is a phone call away and the support and honest advice I receive is second to none. My personal legal team are a pleasure to work with — I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ESP to anyone!

Kim Gale, HR Manager, The Orchard & Shipman Group

As a charity with an income of over £7m a year we are delighted with the expert advice and support we receive from ESP. This has proved to be an excellent investment for the charity and the ESP team ensure we know and understand changes in employment law and how the changes affect us.

Any weakness in HR practise could be costly and the reputational damage can be high, hence the huge importance and value of ESP’s service to us.

Robert Meadowcroft, Director of Policy & Operations & Deputy Chief Executive, Muscular Dystrophy UK

I need you! I couldn't keep up with our rate of growth without ESP online and my bosses are seriously impressed with the online site and as we grow, we'll need you even more! Our relationship and the service you offer is fab!

Joanne Shippey, HR Advisor, Age Partnership Ltd

Having used ESP's services since April 2012, I would highly recommend them to any business or HR Professional. They have exceeded our expectations; their website is easy to navigate and our dedicated employment law advisor is always available, making them feel like an extension of our own team. They give objective responses to find the most suitable solution for our business and offer great value for money for what is an exceptional service.

Kate Probert, Head of HR, Avanta Serviced Office Group

Even as a qualified HR professional I find the support and guidance provided by ESP second to none. Knowing that I can find all I need on up to date legislative information at the click of a button, or the end of a phone, is something you can’t put a big enough value on. My personal legal advisor Sarah and the rest of the employment team ensure I have a solid sounding board which is above all commercially sound. I couldn’t recommend them enough and will always see them as my ‘go to place’ for my HR support network.

Helen Taylor - Chartered MCIPD, Human Resources, Trireme Group

As an experienced HR professional I have found the advisory and website support provided by ESP to be first class. Having a direct telephone and email access to my own personal specialist employment solicitors as and when I need it really compliments the knowledge and actions that I need to undertake on-site. This ensures we have complete peace of mind and that we are protecting our legal position, especially when we want to take a tough commercial stance with employees.

Rita Culbertson, Director, Linkline Express Service Limited

The services we received last year was excellent, I felt confident in everything I was told and recommended to do from our personal Legal Advisory Team. Their response time to my queries was first rate too. The Customer Zone on the website is a massively helpful tool which I check on a weekly basis and appreciate the emails sent to me to update us on new items in there.

Richard Murray, Operations Manager, The Ear Foundation

We would highly recommend ESP and their consultative approach. We have used our personal legal advice team on several occasions and their advice and guidance is invaluable, no question is too small!

Carol Wiles, Operations & Marketing Manager, Pentagon Consulting Limited

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