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When the time comes to consider specialist legal support for workplace issues, organisations must have all the critical information straight away – especially the costs.

Whether conducting a complex, senior disciplinary, dismissal or grievance, or reviewing terms and conditions of employment and key policies, knowing exactly how much it is likely to cost is part of the process. It will not only protect budgets but should also help to ensure a happy, safe environment for colleagues.

Modern-day organisations require tailored, strategic and commercially-savvy levels of service – not the archaic, unaffordable ‘on the clock’ billings traditionally associated with the employment law and HR market.

However, when firms are going through tough times internally, why should they not expect to still have high-quality legal support that’s affordable, available at a fixed-rate subscription fee, and which ultimately secures major savings for the firm – all without compromising on quality of service?

That is exactly why we have decided to unveil our Legal Fees Calculator.

This is a quick-fire, three-step online process which helps businesses to discover how much they are currently spending on HR and employment law support services – and where they can make those all-important savings.

Our simple, yet effective, digital tool estimates how much that might be by encouraging HR professionals to analyse their current online HR resources spend, reference any existing HR helpline costs and assess current law firm spend.

And, because we do the rest, it really is that simple to do!

Our Legal Fees Calculator is based around an integrated service offering we provide to customers where – having received your feedback – we tailor a programme that enables you to access our online range of HR resources and templates, ER case management system and full-scale employment law advice, all under a fixed annual subscription.

Organisations interested in developing their roles alongside protecting that all-important HR budget – whilst maintaining a motivated, engaged and secure working environment complete with high-quality legal advice ESPHR on-hand – should get in touch.

Find out more, try our Legal Fees Calculator today.


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