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Our story began with a passion to create a very different type of employment law firm and HR consultancy business – one that provided a far more tailored, strategic and commercially-savvy level of service, and banished the archaic, unaffordable ‘on the clock’ billing traditionally associated with this market.

Over 700 organisations – including Randstad, Ladbrokes Coral Group and PVH Holdings – have since entrusted us to act on their behalf.

So, do our affordable, and fixed-rate subscription fees interest you too?

Your current online HR resources

Number of current users
Annual subscription cost

This is your annual subscription to the online HR resources service you currently use to gain access to employment law/HR documents and templates.

Make sure that if you also have access through this service to an additional helpline advisory support service, to include this cost in the overall subscription box below, so we can make a best ‘like for like’ cost comparison for you.

If you have more than 10 individual users, please get in touch with us to discuss a tailored service proposal.

Your current HR helpline cost

Annual subscription cost

This is your annual subscription to ANOTHER HR helpline advisory service - only if that is NOT included in your online subscription service outlined in step 2.
If a helpline service is included in the costs you provided in step 2, leave this field blank.

Your current law firm legal fees

Annual fees for advice

This should be an estimate of the average annual legal fees you incur on day-to-day, operational employee relations issues with your law firm partner.
An estimate is fine at this stage to make an initial comparison of potential cost savings.

Your savings!

Based on the figures you have provided, it looks like we may not be able to create any legal cost savings for you. However, usually when we dig deeper to ensure we are comparing a true like-for-like service, we find that we can in fact save money for two thirds of the UK organisations we quote for. So, please do check your data entries again, or why not contact us so that we can complete the sums on your behalf? Thank you.
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A potential saving of...


per year

We are committed to evidencing the business case for working with esphr, and these numbers hopefully already highlight how your organisation could benefit from our support.

Get in touch now to arrange a tailored, bespoke service proposal

Or Start again with different figures

The above savings are for illustrative purposes only at this stage and estimate potential savings that may be achievable by working together. This calculator should not be considered a formal service proposal or contractual commitment between us. For a formal proposal, please contact us so we can assess your current services, needs and cost in more detail and prepare a tailored and bespoke service proposal for you.

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