Sarah Dillon

We’re proud of our amazing team at ESPHR and wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look into each one of our colleagues. Every month, we’re going to be ‘introducing’ you to one of them so you can find out more about their role, what they love most about it, and why ESPHR is making such a difference in the world of employee relations…

Tell us a little bit more about what you do at ESPHR

I am a director of the law firm within our group of companies, ESP Law. My days usually consist of providing advice to customers on all aspects of employment law. In addition to that, I also manage any tribunal litigation for our customers.  

Outline your background prior to joining the team?

I originally trained as a barrister, although I have never practised. Instead, I have provided employment law advice to clients since 1999 – initially through consultancy before moving to work for medium to large solicitors’ practices in 2001.

Over the years, I have advised both employers and employees – as well as a period assisting the members of a national trade union – but since 2013 have exclusively helped companies.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

This is a very hard question! One of the reasons I decided to work in solicitors’ practices rather than continue with a career at the Bar is because I enjoy building strong relationships with my customers.

I love learning about different kinds of businesses, what makes them tick, how they operate, what matters to them and their culture. This allows me to have a deep understanding of various types of firms, in addition to the type of advice each customer wants – whether that be commercial or a more legal approach.

Equally, I really enjoy strategy, negotiation and working through complex queries. This can be anything from managing a tough employment tribunal claim, or the complex exit of a senior employee. The plotting and planning is what I enjoy!

What do you think ESPHR offers, that no other business in the industry does?

We offer amazing commercial advice to customers – via their own personal legal team – for a fraction of the cost of other organisations, thanks to our subscription service. Not only that, but the unrivalled access to advice provided by MyHRCases (our ER case management software) really makes us stand out from the crowd.

What’s your ‘dream’ customer, and why?

My ideal customer would be Ployez-Jacquemart – a family run champagne house, established in 1930. They operate throughout the world, but have remained intentionally small – preferring to continually search for excellence and further hone their skills. I admire their dedication to their chosen industry – and, of course, I love drinking their champagne!

Describe ESPHR in one word


What is the one thing you’d want your customers to know you for?

Can I say - my ‘evil genius’ plans? Seriously though, I hope it would be for providing great  commercial advice to help them get to where they want to be.

What would you like to achieve over the next 12 months – at ESPHR and individually?

I’d like for us to continue to deliver amazing customer service to our existing portfolio as well as build long-lasting relationships with new ones.

You’re in an industry that never stops. What’s in store for ER over the next 12 months?

Change, change and more change! We have no idea what the outcome of Brexit is going to be and how that will influence employment law. Honestly, anything could happen.

Outside of work, what do you like doing?

I have twin boys, so I am a committed football, cricket and swimming mum – depending on  which day of the week it is. I also double up as a seamstress when it comes to sewing cubs’ badges onto uniforms!

My children have led to an involvement in the local football club – which currently has 10 teams and is raising £400, 000 to build proper training facilities. As the boys have grown, I have made some fabulous friends with the other parents and now have a large group of friends to enjoy a drink and a natter with.


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Author: Sarah Dillon

Director, ESP Law Ltd

Sarah is a litigation expert with over 15 years’ experience. Sarah embarked on her career in employment law as an advocate for an employment law consultancy and continued as an advocate alongside being an employment law advisor for a plethora of reputable UK law firms including: DAC Beachcroft, Ward Hadaway and Richmonds Solicitors, where she was head of the employment department.

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