Download the guide | 7 employee relations (ER) priorities an HR leader must focus on in their first 90 days

by esphr

Stepping into your new HR leadership role can be a daunting task. However, in those initial few months you are in a powerful position to make an instant impact on your organisation’s people, processes, and systems.

With a keenness to hit the ground running, you can steer your company’s direction, improve infrastructure, inspire productivity, and more. It is an exciting challenge and one where employee relations (ER) can play a pivotal role in your overall success.

After all, ER is the champion of performance, morale, and retention, so why not give yourself the best possible chance to establish your credibility and bolster your company’s growth?

Drawing on years of industry experience in the HR, ER, and employment law space, the esphr team and several of our HR customers have contributed to our newly-launched, free guide:

Download the Guide - 7 employee relations (ER) priorities an HR leader must focus on in their first 90 days

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Throughout this content, we will advise on how to action meaningful change, transform your ER capabilities and equip you to with the tools and knowledge to:

  1. Understand the ER landscape in HR in greater detail
  2. Know what makes your organisation tick – and where you can make improvements
  3. Be able to build stronger relationships with line managers
  4. Discover what your HR team wants to hear from you
  5. Learn why data can enhance your credibility with the senior leadership team
  6. Help your team to work smarter via intuitive technology
  7. Bring HR and employment law closer together

Plus, you will receive expert tips and examples of best-practice ER from other HR leaders, including Dentsu International Ltd’s head of UK HR operations, Meriel de Lacey, who says:

“An important part of an HR leader’s role always been to role model people leadership excellence. This means building a culture where colleagues are learning from one another and innovating. Taking time at the start to understand your team and create the right forums, can help you harness your team’s values and strengths.”

Now is not the time to turn the same operational handle faster, nor see ER as ‘necessary evil’ or tactical, fire-fighting unit. Correctly implement ER into your company strategy from day one and you and your HR team will soon be working smarter, not harder.

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