How we improved internal efficiencies for the UK’s largest network of independent insurance brokers with MyHRCases

Case Study: Broker Network (HR Consultancy Team)

How we improved internal efficiencies for the UK’s largest network of independent insurance brokers with MyHRCases

Broker Network is the UK’s largest network of independent insurance brokers – with members’ needs firmly at the heart of everything they do. The team is passionate about helping community-based brokers retain their independence while benefitting from a range of unparalleled services, exclusive products and knowledgeable in-house experts.

About Broker Network (HR Consultancy Team)

  • (FTE) of 2 HR consultants
  • Supporting over 150 independent insurance brokers across the UK
  • Working with business owners and managers to provide advice on all aspects of HR

The Challenge

The HR consultancy team at Broker Network found their existing case management system did not fully meet their needs for tracking HR cases. As a result, the team was keen to explore other software options to see if it could improve day-to-day efficiency.

With the rest of the Group HR team having worked with esphr since 2018, the HR consultancy department decided to organise a demo of esphr’s ER case management system – MyHRCases – to see if it might be a suitable replacement for their current system.

With wider Group endorsement, and impressed with the responsiveness and functions on offer – such as real-time reporting, an easy-to-use dashboard and drag and drop function for all relevant documentation relating to an ER case – the HR consultancy team starting implementing MyHRCases for all member matters (HR cases) in May 2020.

The Solution

From the outset, it was vital that Broker Network’s case management system provided a dynamic, easy-to-use solution for all matters. And, as the onboarding process took place during the Coronavirus pandemic, a seamless transition between SaaS providers was key.

Since implementing the software service, the team has logged over 240 esphr matters and has seen time-saving improvements via the new system.

Impressed by the user-friendly interface as well as the ease in setting up new ER cases, Broker Network’s HR consultancy team now enjoy advanced workflow management, simple search functionality and detailed reporting capability on every matter. Being able to save all documentation and files relating to a matter on the system via simple ‘drag and drop’ functionality – ensures easy accessibility and saves the team valuable time each day.

By ensuring all ER cases are managed in a central location, the Broker Network HR consultancy team has real-time visibility over the progress of cases. Furthermore, an easy-to-navigate dashboard offers a quick summary of the number of open and new cases, as well as total time logged on across all cases in the last 30 days.

To aid reporting and provide critical oversight, the system can also categorise the number of cases by matter – such as sickness absence or disciplinary – a useful function when it comes to preparing reports for senior management and the Board, to identify key trends.

Natalie Hale, Human Resources Consultant at Broker Network said:

“Although we have only been working with MyHRCases for a short time, we have found the system very easy to navigate and use. The fact that it is cloud-based has been invaluable when working remotely during Covid-19 and it is reassuring to know that all information stored is secure and confidential.

The management information is very visual which helps us communicate to other areas of the business; in the past we have used this to identify any recurring HR themes and the dashboard and reporting functions will help to enhance this going forwards.

As a team we offer a consultancy service to external businesses, and the way in which we operate differs from an internal HR function and the team at esphr have continued to work with us over the past couple of months to help us develop the system further and improve it so that it fits our requirements”.

Working with esphr has been a positive experience. The esphr team is quick to respond to all manner of queries – even if it is only to acknowledge receipt. They actively encourage open conversations about how we are finding the ER case management system, MyHRCases, as well as potential areas for ongoing development in order to make the service more impactful for us – something you would not ordinarily expect from a HR software provider.

Lorna Wrigley

Head of Engagement, Broker Network

How we improved internal efficiencies for the UK’s largest network of independent insurance brokers with MyHRCases