How we helped the construction industry’s signage experts manage a growing workforce

Glendining Signs Ltd has been helping construction sites operate smoothly for over 35 years by manufacturing and supplying clear signage. They are experts in their field with a team of 40 employees driving industry-leading service standards.

About Glendining Signs

  • 40 employees
  • Founded in 1981
  • Based in Reading, Berkshire

The Challenge

When Glendining Signs first started out, it was a small operation. Rules and procedures were followed but largely unwritten; it was just a case of getting the job done.

But, as the business gained its reputation for quality and affordability and the team gradually grew, the informal nature of company policies started to become a problem:

  1. There was no official employment documentation like contracts of employment or an employee handbook to set out what was expected of employees, or even show their status within the company.
  2. As the years passed, more and more legal ‘red tape’ dictated how companies like Glendining Signs should operate, so getting policies formalised once and for all began to feel like an increasingly daunting task.

The Solution

Realising help was needed to make sure the company’s relationship with its employees was as legally-compliant as the signage they provided to construction sites, the founder of Glendining Signs turned to ESP.

The much-needed changes that would come from working with ESP meant a package was immediately put into place. It would get company policies in line with the law and operations in the bigger team running more efficiently. The package included:

  • Use of LiveHRDocs, allowing Glendining Signs to create bespoke contracts, offer letters and a employee handbook which are always kept up-to-date and compliant online. Operations Director, Chris Lake, says “This is a real time saver when recruiting and ensures all the T’s are crossed and the I’s are dotted”.
  • Access to a network of specialist legal advisors who are on hand to deal with any employee-related issues. This provision of expert advice and guidance ensures everyone at senior management level at Glendining Signs has a strong base of HR and legal knowledge.
  • Access to online HR E-Learning modules which Glendining Signs uses to aid the training of its managers so they can handle employee relations issues within their own teams effectively.

These measures have helped Glendining Signs operate with the peace of mind that every employee is treated fairly and within the bounds of UK law.

The policies that were once unwritten are now clearly documented so the team can get to work in the way they always have, with dedicated legal advisors there to guide them through any new ‘red tape’ as and when it appears.

The level of service ESP provides is outstanding. Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly and helpful and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity of working with them. I have a great working relationship with our main contacts at ESP and have total confidence in the company and the service they provide.

Making the decision to use ESP has saved us a significant amount of trouble. If we had failed to implement policies and ensure compliance with the law as the company grew, sooner or later there would have been a misunderstanding or misinterpretation of an “unwritten rule”. This could have potentially caused upset and disruption to both individuals and the business.

I know that, at any given time, I can pick up the phone and ask for advice from a trusted source. The team at ESP has proven to be made up of highly competent and skilled professionals but, more than that, they are all genuinely nice people too.

It would have been impossible to progress as a company without the support and knowledge ESP provides. I would recommend ESP at the drop of a hat to anyone looking for employment law experts.

Chris Lake
Operations Director, Glendining Signs Ltd

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