How we helped The Chartered Institute for IT bolster its Employee Relations (ER) expertise

Case Study: British Computer Society (BCS)

How we helped The Chartered Institute for IT bolster its Employee Relations (ER) expertise

Founded in 1957, the British Computer Society (BCS) – also known as The Chartered Institute for IT – is a professional body which represents those working in information technology and computer science. Operating in 150 countries worldwide, the community is made up of business leaders, educators, practitioners and policy-makers. As a charity with a royal charter, the organisation’s agenda is to lead the IT industry through its ethical challenges, support the people who work in the sector, and to make IT ‘good’ for society. As such, it is vital that all employees fully buy into the company ethos. With a small HR department – and a rapidly expanding tech family – the firm sought qualified and experienced lawyers who could offer pragmatic, swift and risk-balanced solutions to employee relations (ER) issues.

About British Computer Society (BCS)

  • 68,000 members and chartered IT professionals
  • 60 years at the forefront of computing evolution
  • 250,000 professional certifications awarded across the industry

The Challenge

When looking to change supplier, BCS wanted to find a partner who carried solid HR and legal credentials but understood the value of ER too. As an organisation whose core values and employee wellbeing is paramount to its own success, it was crucial any HR partner shared the same approach.  

Having met with esphr, the firm was impressed by its Alternative Business Structure (ABS) model and the customer-centric approach at every stage. Reassured that esphr shared similar values the team was appointed in March 2018.

The Solution

esphr has provided BCS with ongoing legal expertise and guidance around several, long-term ER cases. This has been delivered alongside valuable assistance on how to handle difficult – and previously unencountered – HR matters, too.

Furthermore, the two firms have worked together to compose, agree and deliver staff T&C’s, policy reviews and updates alongside ad-hoc, short-term employee issues.

Through esphr’s hands-on legal approach and practical solutions, the team at BCS has not only gained knowledge experience and confidence in previously-unchartered waters, but it has been a part of the HR process, conversation and solution – rather than observing from the periphery.

As a result, each team member feels better-equipped to handle such situations moving forwards, safe in the knowledge that their esphr lawyer is on-hand to answer any questions or reaffirm the decisions which are being made.

We’ve been incredibly impressed with the way esphr has dealt with any query, the advice given, availability of the lawyers and the relationships we have built. The rapport is fantastic and esphr feels like a genuine extension of our own team, which helps to foster open discussions about likely outcomes, practicalities and risk. In turn, this allows us to make sound judgments accordingly.

In short, the level of service, quality and breadth of resources available is excellent and the offering is competitively priced.

Louise Nuttall

Head of HR, British Computer Society (BCS)

How we helped The Chartered Institute for IT bolster its Employee Relations (ER) expertise