How we became ingrained in an international supplier’s HR department

Case Study: Volution Group PLC

How we became ingrained in an international supplier’s HR department

Volution Group PLC is a leading supplier of ventilation products with primary markets in the UK, Nordics, Central Europe and Australasia.

About Volution Group PLC

  • 900 staff
  • 26 sites across the globe
  • Six UK locations

The Challenge

Seeking to appoint an employment law specialist in 2017, global ventilation supplier Volution Group was looking for a provider which guaranteed a close working partnership, as well as daily contact and advice.

As a multi-site operation, it was vital for the firm’s legal provider to be able to offer support which was easy-to-understand and free of legalese – in order to empower the team to review and action what was discussed.

With strong core values – which are front and centre in every interaction with customers, employees, suppliers – Volution Group needed to find a partner whose advice would be trusted from day one.

The Solution

With a robust commitment to HR – and operating on an international scale – Volution Group has worked with esphr on a vast number of projects, both large and small, since 2017.

Volution Group made no secret of the various nuances within the business – including the characters which needed to be managed on a day-to-day basis. As such, the working relationship was established quickly, to ensure there was no need for ‘scene setting’ each time, and conversations could get down to the nitty gritty from the get-go.

The team now checks in with esphr before making any employment law decision, to ensure time – and money – is saved whenever possible. Offering commercially-savvy guidance, which is explained every step of the way, also seeks to educate Volution’s own staff too, offering additional benefits for the Group as a whole.

esphr feels like the fifth member of our team and the advice offered is invaluable to us. We have a great working relationship with our lead and buddy legal advisors, and the team is contactable whenever we need them, and always respond in a timely manner. Our advisors are there in the hour of need and we have no qualms about engaging in a full and frank conversation with them.

For the business, it is all about trusting the advice received, and we get that in droves! esphr offers a truly exceptional service and gives the senior leadership team such confidence – and reassurance – that we have no issue in renewing our contract year upon year.

Rachel Hawkins

HR Director, Volution Group PLC

How we became ingrained in an international supplier’s HR department