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Travel Policy

[We may offer season ticket loans (at its discretion) to permanent employees for the purpose of purchasing an annual travel ticket to get to work.  To apply for a season ticket loan you must complete the appropriate application form, which can be obtained from [Finance [Accounts] Department], and sign the Conditions on which the loan is granted.  Repayments are deducted directly from your salary, [normally in 12 monthly instalments].]

[If you leave the Company or cash in the season ticket for any reason, the balance of the loan must be repaid immediately to the Company.  If you are in default of repayment we reserve the right to deduct any amount outstanding from any monies owed to you by the Company. If your final salary payment is not sufficient to meet the debt due to the Company, you agree that you will repay the outstanding balance of the loan to the Company within one calendar month of the date of termination of your employment, such payment to be made as agreed with the Company.]

If you travel on Company business to a destination which is considered to be away from your normal place of work, you must travel by whatever means of travel is appropriate, taking into account the cost of time spent travelling and the destination.  Whichever means you choose should be agreed in advance with your Manager.

[You should travel by standard class of transport, whether that is by air, rail or sea.]

[You may use your private vehicle for Company business with your Manager's approval if your destination is less than [     ] miles from your base or if you intend to visit several locations, carry bulky equipment or the hours involved render it difficult to take public transport.]

[Before using your private vehicle on Company business, you must ensure that your Insurance Policy indemnifies the Company against all third party claims (including those concerning passengers) arising from the use of your vehicle for business purposes.  You must provide a copy of your current driving licence and Insurance Policy to your Manager to confirm this indemnity is in place.]

[Upon request, you must provide your full driving licence for inspection.  Failure to comply with such a request within a reasonable period of time will be regarded as a serious disciplinary offence and could lead to your dismissal.]

[We accept no responsibility for loss or damage, or any liability (however incurred), to or in respect of your vehicle, including accessories and personal contents, while being used on the Company’s business.  It is your responsibility to ensure that adequate insurance cover exists.]

[Where you use your own vehicle on Company business, a mileage allowance may be claimed provided you keep a proper log of the date(s) and length of all such journeys undertaken.  For details of the current mileage allowance, please refer to your Manager.]

[No payment will be made for parking or speeding fines, or any other fine.]

[All overseas travel must be approved in advance by your Manager.]

[We will procure insurance cover for all employees and their personal effects in relation to any business trip, provided it is notified of the same prior to the trip.]

This document has been created by, or on behalf of ESP Ltd, as a general document and as a guide in relation to its subject matter and has not been bespoke drafted for you or the specific circumstances in which you are looking to use it. Prior to using this document and undertaking any HR process you must consult your organisation’s own policies and procedures to ensure that you do not do anything in conflict with your own policies and procedures.  If in any doubt as to how to use this document or, if you require any legal advice, please feel free to contact ESP Ltd on 0333 006 2929 and our legal team will be more than happy to assist.  ESP Ltd will not be liable in any way for any actions undertaken by you or your use of this document unless we have been consulted regarding your use of this document as legal advisor to your business or have bespoke drafted any documentation in response to a specific support request.

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