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Training Costs Policy

[The Company endeavours to ensure that you receive any necessary and proper training to enable you to perform your role.  The Company may agree to pay a contribution towards the total course fees for you to attend and complete the training course ("the Fees"). The Company may also pay for any reasonably incurred travel costs, overnight expenses and any other expenses necessarily incurred in order for the Employee to attend and complete the course ("the Expenses").

Payment of Fees and Expenses is entirely at the discretion of the Company and will only be paid if agreed in advance between you and the Company. Payment of Fees and Expenses by the Company is conditional upon you agreeing to and signing a Training Agreement, which is available from [Name].

Where the Company has incurred any Fees, Expenses and other costs ("the Costs") due to you attending a training course you will be required to reimburse the Company as follows:

a) You cease employment or withdraw from the training course before it has commenced  but the Company has already incurred liability for the Costs, 100% of the Costs or such proportion of the Costs that the Company cannot recover from the course provider shall be repaid;

b) You cease employment during the training course, or cease employment within three months of completing the training course, or discontinue the training course before it has been completed, 100% of the Costs shall be repaid;

c) You cease employment more than three months but no more than six months after completion of the training course, 50% of the Costs shall be repaid;

d) You cease employment more than six months but no more than 12 months after completion of the training course, 25% of the Costs shall be repaid.

Thereafter, no repayment shall be required.

The Company will deduct a sum equal to the whole or part of the Costs due from your final salary payment or from any other allowances, expenses or other payments due from the Company to you. If your final salary payment is not sufficient to meet the debt due to the Company, you agree that you will repay the outstanding balance to the Company within 28 days of the date of termination of your employment].

[Prior to an individual attending a training course where you intend to recover costs in the circumstances set out above, you should ensure that there is specific agreement from the employee in relation to this. Prior to incurring the cost of the course you should ask the employee to signify their acceptance of these terms by signing and returning to you the Training Agreement.]

This document has been created by, or on behalf of ESP Ltd, as a general document and as a guide in relation to its subject matter and has not been bespoke drafted for you or the specific circumstances in which you are looking to use it. Prior to using this document and undertaking any HR process you must consult your organisation’s own policies and procedures to ensure that you do not do anything in conflict with your own policies and procedures.  If in any doubt as to how to use this document or, if you require any legal advice, please feel free to contact ESP Ltd on 0333 006 2929 and our legal team will be more than happy to assist.  ESP Ltd will not be liable in any way for any actions undertaken by you or your use of this document unless we have been consulted regarding your use of this document as legal advisor to your business or have bespoke drafted any documentation in response to a specific support request.

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