We had an incredible evening at The Law Society Excellence Awards. Though ultimately we didn’t win our category, what a privilege it was to be there. Our place on the shortlist was the victory in our eyes.

Thanks to the entire team and every one of our customers for their support so far; here’s to continuing the positive impact of ABS law firms on the legal industry well into the future.

This Thursday 20th October, we’ll be dressing up to the nines and making our way to the Hilton Park Lane for The Law Society Excellence Awards 2016.

This prestigious event will see us rubbing shoulders with the great and good from the legal industry and telling as many people as we can about our new way for HR professionals to access day to day, operational employment law advice.

Needless to say, the whole team is excited. But what does our place on the shortlist really mean?

1. Great things for esphr’s reputation

It’s a privilege to be shortlisted for The Law Society Excellence Awards, especially as we’re newcomers in the legal industry.

The Law Society has governed the legal profession in England and Wales for almost two centuries and is steeped in history and prestige. We’re delighted to be recognised on this level as it reflects the high quality of service we provide our customers.

2. ABS's are breaking through

Being shortlisted at The Law Society Awards shows off ABS law firms in their best light.

ABS's are law firms that can be owned by non-solicitors and were introduced by the 2011 Legal Services Act to increase commerciality, improve customer focus and reduce expensive fees within the legal sector.

As with any change introduced to an area of long-standing tradition, the ABS movement was first met with resistance but fast forward to today and the benefits of different approaches being followed by ABS law firms are getting more and more recognition.

For example, we’ve been shortlisted in the Client Service category because our fixed-fee subscription model removes the pressures that come with paying for legal advice on a purely transactional basis.

This allows for stronger commercial relationships to form between customers and their dedicated lawyers. 

Once the benefits of a change are shouted loud enough, it’s only a matter of time before it’s accepted. The 20th October marks a major milestone on our road to acceptance within the legal industry. 

Click here to find out the impact of the Legal Services Act on HR Departments.

3. A platform for change

When we attend the awards, we’ll have the opportunity to share our mission with more people in the legal industry than ever before. 

We hope this improved platform for communication will allow us to convince more law firms to follow practices that are better suited to their customers.

Now ABS law firms are getting the chance to stand alongside industry leaders, we can use this visibility to trigger wider spread change throughout the legal industry.

Our place at The Law Society Excellence Awards – whether we win or not – is firm and important recognition that ABS's are here, and here to stay. 

It is acknowledgement from the top that ABS's are having a positive impact on standards within the legal industry and that this is something to be celebrated. 

We can’t wait to discover the results on the night. Check back here on Friday 21st October to find out what happened...


Author: Peter Byrne

Founder, ESP Group

Pete set up ESP Group in March 2003, after running an HR resource management business for three years. 

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