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26 Nov 21 by Sam Davies
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As a firm which places Employee Relations (ER) at our heart, we are proud of the amazing team here at esphr. That is why our current employee Q&A seeks to share a little more about each one of our colleagues.

In this month’s instalment we caught up with Sam Davies, our head of commercial operations, who shares her love of wine, chilli peppers, and a certain ‘people’s princess’.

1. What’s the one thing which marks esphr out as an employer of choice?

Culture! Above all, it’s a lovely place to work, with lots of likeminded, forward thinking, hardworking people that also like to have a laugh.

2. What would you say if you were to explain what esphr does to an alien?

After asking them to “take me to your HR leader”, I would explain that UK employment laws are complicated and that esphr can help them navigate the minefield — because our advice and ER technologies are “out of this world”!

3. If you could give anyone an internal award, who would it be and what would it be for?

All the staff are exceptionally hard working and I think everyone deserves an award, but if I had to pick one, I would give Kerry Byrne (our Senior Marketing Executive) an award for always going above and beyond and being a real team player.

4. What is your funniest memory of someone in the team?

Probably Russell Guest’s choice of office attire on the hottest day of an extreme heatwave…I won’t say what he wore…

5. What keeps the job interesting for you?

I would say there are three things that keep the job interesting for me:

1. The people (both colleagues and customers).

2. My job is hugely varied, so no two days are the same.

3. The company is challenging (in a good way) and is constantly evolving and striving to improve, which makes it an interesting environment.

6. If you hadn’t chosen/gone into the career you’re in, what other profession would you be in?

I would be a wine connoisseur – travelling the world tasting wine.

7. Where do you see esphr in five years’ time?

The ‘go-to’ law firm for employment law and ER technology in the mid/large business sectors.

8. A little-known fact about you?

I am addicted to chili peppers and put them on pretty much everything savoury I eat.

9. If we went into lockdown for a third time, who would you like to be locked down with and why?

Someone with a huge mansion, pool, tennis courts, home cinema and gym and I would be staying at their house (with my family).

10. Which five celebrities (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Bob Marley, David Attenborough and Princess Diana.


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Post by Sam Davies

Head of commercial operations, esphr