The lunchtime lockdown with… Jessica English

5 Aug 21 by Jessica English
Senior solicitor Jessica English is wearing sunglasses and smiling with her son, daughter and husband at the beach.

As a firm which places Employee Relations (ER) at our heart, we are proud of the amazing team here at esphr. That is why our current employee Q&A seeks to share a little more about each one of our colleagues.

Up next, is Jessica English, senior solicitor at ESP Law who loves building customer relationships and is currently experiencing another type of court – by taking up tennis!

1. What’s the one thing which marks esphr out as an employer of choice?

The opportunity to work with high calibre customers in the mid-market, and exceptional colleagues in a flexible working environment.

2. What would you say if you were to explain what esphr does to an alien?

I suspect I would want to know more about the alien than it would want to know about esphr! However, if pushed, I’d say that we help employers plan, navigate and manage employment relationships.

3. If you could give anyone an internal award, who would it be and what would it be for?

It’s got to be Charlotte Morris. Charlotte and I have job-shared on and off for a number of years now – we make a great team (even if I do say so myself!). I can’t believe she has had the stamina to put up with me for long!

4. What is your funniest memory of someone in the team?

I wouldn’t say I have one funniest memory, but my colleague Jayne Nevins is naturally a very funny person. She knows exactly how to tell a good story!

5. What keeps the job interesting for you?

Relationships with customers – it has always been my favourite part of what we do. Building relationships and helping HR teams and organisations to navigate some tricky, and often interesting, employee relations (ER) situations means that no two days are ever the same. 

6. If you hadn’t chosen/gone into the career you’re in, what other profession would you be in?

I come from a family of teachers and so I’ve always harboured an idea that I would make a good educator. However, the last year of lockdowns and homeschooling has confirmed that my thoughts in this regard are perhaps unfounded!

7. Where do you see esphr in five years’ time?

Still as a market leader in ER support and challenging the status quo in the employment law and ER technology space. 

8. A little-known fact about you?

I have just started to learn to play tennis. As the daughter of PE teachers, I tried nearly every sport going growing up except for this one. Naturally, that means I now want to give it a go and I’m loving learning a new skill.

9. If we went into lockdown again, who would you like to be locked down with and why?

With the exception of my husband and kids (obviously!), I would like my parents with me. I’ve missed them very much in the various lockdowns.

10. Which five celebrities (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Michelle and Barak Obama. I have read all their books and think they are both incredibly inspirational – a true power couple.

Nisha Katona MBE. A fellow legal bod for a bit of chat and I love her food! She can also help me cater the dinner party.

Gareth Southgate. As a sporting household, we love him as England manager and I’d really like to talk to him about his journey from player to national team boss, and how he inspires and manages his players and staff.

Bruce Springsteen. I love his music, however, I have never seen him live. Plus, he can entertain us at the party.


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Post by Jessica English

Senior solicitor, ESP Law Ltd

Jessica is a pragmatic employment solicitor and litigator with a range of experience in both private practice and in-house. Having begun her career in a Trade Union firm she made the move to exclusively advising businesses over 10 years ago. Her breadth of experience includes advising clients in the retail, manufacturing and transport sectors and immediately prior to joining esphr, she worked as an in-house employment lawyer for a national care charity with over 5,000 staff.