The lunchtime lockdown with… Clare Worsey

13 Oct 21 by esphr
Clare Worsey

As a firm which places Employee Relations (ER) at our heart, we are proud of the amazing team here at esphr. That is why our current employee Q&A seeks to share a little more about each one of our colleagues.

This time Clare Worsey, our brilliant finance executive, relives a memorable Marrakesh visit, delves into which iconic duo from This Morning would receive a special dinner invite and why our head of commercial operations, Sam Davies, is her esphr award-winner…

1. What’s the one thing which marks esphr out as an employer of choice?

We are given the freedom and responsibility to get on and deliver in our roles as we see fit.

We have a broad framework to work within and understand the wider business objectives – but 99% of the time, we are empowered to do what we do best! I really like that approach and appreciate the trust that is placed in us.

2. What would you say if you were to explain what esphr does to an alien?

We are a friendly and approachable bunch of experts who support and advise businesses with employee issues, leaving them free to focus upon their own, unique specialisms.

3. If you could give anyone an internal award, who would it be and what would it be for?

Sam Davies. She has always put her entire self into her job whilst juggling family life. She sometimes puts in extra hours to keep ahead of the game. She is a shining star.

4. What is your funniest memory of someone in the team?

After meeting our annual sales target, we took all our staff on a celebratory trip to Marrakesh.

We were very late arriving at our hotel, and everything was closed. We went to the on-site disco and were given permission to run it for ourselves. Members of our staff were serving drinks while others became DJ’s for the night.

We had a fantastic evening with plenty of dancing on the bar to keep everyone entertained.

5. What keeps the job interesting for you?

The daily challenge of managing the bank activity and cash flow. It keeps me on my toes.

6. If you hadn’t chosen/gone into the career you’re in, what other profession would you be in?

I would have liked to have been a hairdresser. I used to model at a salon and found it really inspiring seeing how creative the stylists were.

7. Where do you see esphr in five years’ time?

Supporting even more customers and achieving continued success in our sector.

8. A little-known fact about you?

I have a small tattoo of three roses symbolizing my three daughters.

9. If we went into lockdown again, who would you like to be locked down with and why?

Any of my three daughters. We enjoyed planning and cooking complex meals to pass the time last year. We had great laughs and a lot of silliness. I would cherish that moment again anytime.

10. Which five celebrities (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Gordon Ramsay, Gino D’ Acampo, Fred Sirieix, Phillip Schofield & Holly Willoughby.


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