The lunchtime lockdown with… Charlotte Morris

15 Jul 21 by Charlotte Morris
Charlotte Morris

As a firm which places Employee Relations (ER) at our heart, we are proud of the amazing team here at esphr. That is why our current employee Q&A seeks to share a little more about each one of our colleagues.

Up next, is Charlotte Morris, senior solicitor at ESP Law who loves nothing more than a colleague who can make her laugh. Did we mention she is a soon-to-be-qualified welder too?

1. What’s the one thing which marks esphr out as an employer of choice?

Every member of the legal team is extremely experienced and knowledgeable, and each has their own areas of expertise. To give just a few examples, Jessica English is a fantastic tactician especially when it comes to very challenging employees who are likely to become litigious, Charlotte Ashton has great depth of knowledge and experience in immigration and Nina Robinson is a fellow TUPE geek!

As a collective, we have some insightful discussions and debates around complex and unusual legal queries. While we may not share the same opinions or perspectives, everyone’s views are well-reasoned and valued and it is great to consider different perspectives on matters in order to ensure we provide the best and most-reasoned advice to our customers while accurately conveying any potential risks.

2. What would you say if you were to explain what esphr does to an alien?

I would not say anything… if I saw an alien, I would run as fast possible in the opposite direction!

3. If you could give anyone an internal award, who would it be and what would it be for?

It would have to be my job-share, Jessica English for putting up with me for so many years! She is always supportive and is one of the few people that can make me smile before my morning coffee has kicked in!

4. What is your funniest memory of someone in the team?

It is hard to pinpoint a specific memory, but I love Charlotte Ashton’s quick wit and intensely dark sense of humour. She has great one-liners which never fail to make me chuckle – even during my rather dismal attempts at home schooling!

5. What keeps the job interesting for you?

Customers – I love getting to know people and understanding  how they like to operate, plus, some of the issues that arise never cease to amaze me!

6. If you hadn’t chosen the career you are in, what other profession would you be in?

I was torn between law and medicine when considering options for university. During my training contract I quickly discovered I made the right choice – as I realised I couldn’t even read about medical procedures without feeling nauseous and faint!

7. Where do you see esphr in five years’ time?

What I would give for a crystal ball… naturally, our recent acquisition by Marlowe plc, means there will inevitably be some changes ahead. But, given our reputation and performance to-date I believe esphr’s position in the market and relationship with customers – both new and existing – will be further solidified.

8. A little-known fact about you?

I’m currently learning how to weld!

9. If we went into lockdown once again, who would you like to be locked down with and why?

Assuming I still live with my husband and kids, I would have to say a childminder, a chef, a cleaner and a hairdresser – for obvious reasons!

10.  Which five celebrities (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Freddie Flintoff and Nigel Owens as I think they are both hilarious and would undoubtedly have some funny stories to tell. Kamala Harris – an incredibly inspiring woman, and I would love to hear first-hand about some of her experiences. Also, Dolly Parton – I just think she is amazing – and Rick Stein… in the hope that he may cook!


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Post by Charlotte Morris

Senior solicitor, ESP Law Ltd

Charlotte has over 10 years’ experience of handling a varied and complex caseload with focus on the retail and hospitality, transport and logistics and manufacturing sectors. She is also experienced within the education sector not only in advising clients but providing training to other lawyers within the sector and volunteering as a school governor for several years. Having undertaken a large litigation caseload throughout her career, Charlotte takes a commercial approach to her advice, enabling customers to manage risks and make informed decisions.