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As a firm which places Employee Relations (ER) at our heart, we are proud of the amazing team here at ESPHR. That is why we’ve revamped our employee Q&A for 2021 – in a bid to find out a little more about each one of our colleagues.

Up next, is our ESP Law director, Sarah Dillon – a secret history buff in the making!

What is the one thing which marks ESPHR out as an employer of choice?

Offering me the opportunity to work so closely with some amazing customers.

What would you say if you were to explain what ESPHR does to an alien?

We provide solutions to HR and employment issues by delivering fast-paced commercial advice to our customers – and truly being a part of their team.

If you could give anyone an internal award, who would it be and what would it be for?

Kerry Byrne. During the recent pandemic Kerry has been the main organiser, administrator, and keeper of our Q&As. Without her constant support, reminders, and patience – while we endlessly debated what the guidance and legislation actually meant in practice to our customers – working during the pandemic would have been infinitely more difficult than it was. The legal team, and our customers, owe a huge amount of thanks to Kerry for keeping us all focused in a very difficult time.

What is your funniest memory of someone in the team?

It must be Russell Guest’s acting at ESP Law Live! Our annual mock trial saw him playing the role of an employee who was off sick with an injured back – when actually he had been dismissed for wrestling a shark while on holiday in Tenerife. EastEnders will not come knocking, Russell!

What keeps the job interesting for you?

Employment law constantly evolves and changes, even more so in the current climate. It is fast paced, exciting, and never the same from one year to the next!

If you had not chosen the career you’re in, what other profession would you be in?

Archaeology. I have always loved history and often dreamed of digging up relics in the jungle of Machu Picchu in Mexico or the sand and sunshine of Egypt and re-writing the history books. I might even do this when I retire!

Where do you see ESPHR in five years’ time?

The top choice for HR/ER professionals who are seeking employment law advice within the UK.

A little-known fact about you?

I am a complete history geek. I spend many hours reading and learning all I can about the Tudors, Russian revolution and even the Second World War. I will read anything that relates to these time periods – whether it is non-fiction or fiction – and every month I look forward to receiving my BBC History magazine.

If we went into lockdown again, who would you like to be locked down with and why?

My family. I have 10-year-old twin boys who are bundles of energy – meaning no day is ever quiet in my house!

Lockdown has been a great opportunity for our family to have some downtime together, and we have played board games, watched TV and enjoyed some long meals together. In this fast-paced world – which is often filled with after-school activities and full-time working hours – I have relished the opportunity to calm down, stop, and really value my boys and husband.

Which five celebrities (dead or alive) would you invite to a dinner party?

Johnny Depp, Ainsley Harriott, Cleopatra, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Lady Hale.


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Author: Sarah Dillon

Director, ESP Law Ltd

Sarah is a litigation expert with over 15 years’ experience. Sarah embarked on her career in employment law as an advocate for an employment law consultancy and continued as an advocate alongside being an employment law advisor for a plethora of reputable UK law firms including: DAC Beachcroft, Ward Hadaway and Richmonds Solicitors, where she was head of the employment department.

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