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esphr is thrilled to be the official employment law service partner for HR Magazine and its readers.

Following extensive market research, it became obvious that senior HR professionals were being let down by the current (non-legally regulated) helpline and online support business models. 

What’s more, the traditional law firm approach was focussed on large, complex, strategic transactional work (where expensive hourly rates have some value), leaving day to day quality operational support in limbo.

HRD's had 4 main needs:

  • Help me save time and money
  • Help me get business focussed legal advice
  • Help me up skill my HR team
  • Help me fix my legal costs

These clear requirements informed the development of a pioneering new employment law advisory and integrated online HR support service...

HR Legal service. 

We power it as HR Magazine’s chosen service delivery partner and one of the very first employment law specialist ABS law firms to be approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK.

See what one Group HRD thinks about the service from HR Legal Service in the above video…

“I’ll take them wherever I go.”

We first worked with Karen Lewis when she was Group HR Director of Gala Coral and she then took us with her to Keepmoat. Prior to this, she had also been HRD for Virgin Atlantic. In a short video recorded for the launch of HR Legal Service’s new website, she reveals how we were able to:

  • Help slash previous legal costs
  • Help fix and guarantee the annual ER legal budget spend
  • Help save considerable senior HR management time
  • Help improve the wider HR team’s capability
  • Make a real commercial difference in both companies

What we love about the interview is how Karen perfectly explains the reasons we’ve been able to make such a difference to the businesses she’s worked in. These include:

1. Budgetary control

On first receiving an email from HR Legal Service setting out what we could offer her team, Karen says: 

“I thought, this is what I want because it gives me budget certainty. It tells me exactly what the budget is, what I’ll be spending and how I’ll be spending it, no matter the volume of the legal work we need doing.” 

2. Quality legal advice

Of course, our brilliant legal team also got a mention. Karen comments: 

“I was looking for something that would give me the obvious stuff around the right kind of advice and professionalism, right on time. I also wanted very creative advice that was very commercial and enabled us to do what we wanted to do with the business, as opposed to a lot of lawyers saying “no, you can’t do that.”

“The lawyers that work with us are fabulous. They’re very down to earth, they’re very pragmatic and actually they’re very human. Plus the fact they’re very commercial.”

3. Cost effectiveness

On top of the unparalleled budgetary control provided by our fixed-fee subscription model, Karen explained how if there were more complex legal pieces to solve; “...then we could buy those in at a much, much reduced hourly rate than we would pay at a traditional law firm.”

She continues: “If you buy a service in, you’ve got to prove that it’s going to give you huge return and that’s exactly what the service does.”

“It’s very clear how almost discounted the price is compared to the premium product that you get. For our kind of organisation, it’s perfect. You’re not there with a headache thinking “When the legal fee comes in the bill’s going to be massive.” because I know I’m going to get really good advice for a really good rate. It’s certainly something that shareholders and investors are very impressed with.”

Summing up her experience, Karen says: “The HR Legal Service that’s provided by esphr is very much an extension of the team. I’ll take them wherever I go in the future.”

To hear more about why Karen loves working with us and discover just how much Gala Coral saved on their legal fees when they switched to esphr, read our case study here.


We are proud to be the official employment law partner of HR Magazine.


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