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One of the most important relationships within an organisation is the one between HR and their legal support.

When Employee Relations (ER) issues arise which threaten the productivity, harmony and financial health of the company, it is the employment law specialists who are there to help and navigate a way out.

Therefore, a close relationship between an organisation’s HR team and their legal advisors is key to quickly and effectively overcome such issues.

An employment law specialist – who has a full and accurate view of the challenges and issues the business faces – can dramatically increase the chances of successfully resolving such issues in a satisfactory way.

Here are three key questions an employment lawyer should be able to answer right now when working with any organisation.

1. What are the main ER issues currently in the business and the root causes creating those issues?

While legal advisors can provide the letter of the law, they can offer further value by ensuring a deeper understanding of the nuances and idiosyncrasies within an organisation and offer up key solutions to stop recurring patterns and issues happening time and again.

Having this invaluable insight enables a lawyer to provide commercially focused solutions to genuine problems that reflect the reality of the landscape, rather than ‘rigid’ legal advice that doesn't offer the answers to the required questions.

2. What do they understand about the nature of this industry or sector?

Every organisation has its quirks – from the fast-moving nature of retail, to navigating the robust policies and procedures in place for the charity sector.

Therefore, each organisation has its own set of rules – both written and unwritten – in the form of industry-specific regulations, best practice and historical ways of doing things.

In this context, it is vital that the employment law team understands the sector norms, and the potential obstacles to overcome, for the business to successfully progress.

3. Where do the issues mostly occur within the company?

The key to managing and successfully handling recurrent issues is an ongoing understanding of the specific issues, recognising the source of those issues and handling them alongside an employment law specialist/team.

This goes back to their knowledge of the firm coupled with historic experience of the legalities. A team which takes the time to find out more about the company, can identify trends, provide effective solutions and offer crucial commercial advice. Additionally, such knowledge helps the streamlining of the decision-making process to ensure the correct actions are taken quickly, effectively and confidently.

We offer a personal legal advisory team of at least two dedicated lawyers allocated to every HR professional within the wider team we are supporting. This drives a very different relationship between HR and our employment lawyers – allowing both parties to really invest the time needed to work together as one truly ‘joined up team’. To find out more, click HERE.


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Author: Peter Byrne

Founder, ESP Group

Pete set up ESP Group in March 2003, after running an HR resource management business for three years.