Helena Wheeler

We’re proud of our amazing team at ESP Law and wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look into each of our colleagues. So, next up is our senior solicitor, Helena Wheeler...

Summarise what you do at ESP Law

I am an employment lawyer specialising in litigation, which means I prepare cases for tribunal from start to finish. My typical day involves drafting pleadings, counter schedules of loss and witness statements and – where appropriate – negotiating settlement.

When required, I also answer ad-hoc queries about a range of things; from disciplinaries to Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) and redundancy.

Outline your background prior to joining the team?

I began my professional career at NM Rothschild & Sons as an intern in the merchant banking division before returning to law school to train as a solicitor. I spent just shy of eight years in regional law firms – five of those were spent at Pannone LLP in Manchester.

I also worked within the HR team at Phones 4U Group – which gave me invaluable practical experience and an understanding of the reality of implementing the advice I now give as an employment lawyer. 

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Chatting to customers and being part of an amazing team.

What do you think ESP offers, that no other business in the industry does?

A unique solution for people who want to break away from the traditional law firm offering.

What’s your ‘dream’ customer and why?

I’ve worked for lots of housing associations in the past and really enjoyed collaborating with customers who were passionate about helping people and making lives better. So, it would have to be an organisation with a sense of community or drive to enrich peoples’ lives at its heart – perhaps The National Trust or a museum. 

We’re lucky enough to work for lots of healthcare organisations at ESP – as well as many others who are passionate about the work that they do – which definitely fit this description.

Describe ESP in one word


What is the one thing that you’d want your customers to know you for?

Being able to trust me to do the best for them and protect their interests.

What would you like to achieve over the next 12 months – at ESP and individually?

Being new to ESP, I’d like to get to know more of our customers and continue to provide a great service! Personally, I’m working towards a half marathon with my running club.

You’re in an industry that never stops. What’s in store for ER over the next 12 months?

Written particulars are changing, with more information required and businesses expected to supply them from day one. Additionally, the holiday pay reference period is shifting to the past 52 weeks – or entire employment period if an employee has not been employed that long – instead of 12 weeks.

Outside of work, what do you like doing?

Running with friends, playing the piano, bouldering and walking in the Lake District with my family.


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Author: Helena Wheeler

Senior Solicitor, ESP Law Ltd

Helena is an experienced respondent employment lawyer. She has provided a full range of contentious and non-contentious advice for a plethora of national and international clients at top regional law firms, including Pannone LLP, for almost eight years. Prior to entering the legal profession, Helena worked in various roles in HR for the fast paced Phones 4U Group and also completed a coveted internship in investment banking with the internationally renowned NM Rothschild & Sons.