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We’re proud of our amazing team at ESPHR and wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look into each of our colleagues. So, each month, we’ll ‘introduce’ you to one of them so you can find out more about their role, what they love most about it, and why ESPHR is making such a difference in the world of employee relations…

Summarise what you do at ESPHR?

It is my job to establish relationships with senior HR professionals across a range of UK companies and sectors – it’s always rewarding when we can bring new customers on board and start helping to alleviate some of their HR headaches.

Additionally, I am also responsible for managing a key portfolio of my own existing customers to make sure they’re receiving the best service possible, which is also very rewarding.

Outline your background prior to joining the team?

I have worked in sales for most of my career, and first met Peter Byrne (CEO of ESPHR) around 30 years ago! We became friends during our time jointly-working for an innovative financial services business.

Prior to joining ESPHR, I was employed as head of business development for the largest regulatory consultancy business in the UK, Peninsula Business Services. In 2003, my path crossed Peter’s once again – quite soon after he had established ESPHR – and after an evening catching up, combined with a lot of energy and enthusiasm to work together again, I found myself investing in the business!

Luckily, I have passionately enjoyed contributing to the growth and development of ESPHR ever since!

What is your favourite part of the job?

Don’t laugh, but I absolutely love the moment when a prospective customer gives you that look which says, ‘I’m in’ and to see that they’re excited about service offering. Of course, it’s always nice to close a deal, but in truth, the real hard work and success is in keeping the customer as happy as they were when they first signed up.

What do you think ESPHR offers, that no other business in the industry does?

We currently have a very different, if not unique, employment law firm business model which really helps us to win new customers. Alongside that, the customer service focus – that every single team member has in their DNA – also sets us apart from most of our competitors.

Who is your ‘dream’ customer and why?

I am a Formula One fan through and through and given that we are based in Woking – and less than two miles from the McLaren Racing Team’s HQ – it has to be winning their business!

Describe ESPHR in one word…


What is the one thing that you’d want your customers to know you for?

Exceptional customer service.

What would you like to achieve over the next 12 months – at ESPHR and individually?

I want to see ESPHR continue to meet its ambitious growth targets and for the whole team to enjoy a rewarding work-life balance. Personally, as long as I win more business than Peter I am happy – we love a bit of healthy competition!

You’re in an industry that never stops. What’s in store for ER over the next 12 months?

Following the removal of employment tribunal fees, businesses have seen a sharp increase in the growth of claims brought against employers. As a result, the Employee Relations (ER) function will only grow further to help reduce the time and cost that employers face in managing people issues on a day-to-day basis – thus reducing the number of claims made to boot.

Outside of work, what do you like doing?

Watching F1, keeping fit and trying to be a good husband and father.


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