Pete Byrne

We’re proud of our amazing team at ESPHR and wanted to share a behind-the-scenes look into each of our colleagues. So, each month, we’ll ‘introduce’ you to one of them so you can find out more about their role, what they love most about it, and why ESPHR is making such a difference in the world of employee relations…

1. Summarise what you do at ESPHR

I am the founder and CEO of the ESPHR group.

2. Outline your background prior to joining the team?

Before setting up ESPHR, I was deputy MD of an HR and resource consultancy business for three years. During my tenure, I helped to turn it into a solid, profitable business focused on higher margin service solutions, that is still going strong today.

Before that, I also held senior marketing management positions within the financial services industry.

3. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Being involved in all aspects of the company – from setting the core business strategy and direction, to financial management, sales, product development and working with some great people – day in and day out. It makes for a great variety of work and the time flies!

4. What do you think ESPHR offers, that no other business in the industry does?

A completely customer-centric service experience – combining great commercial advice with innovative online service applications, that all add up to a genuine, market-leading ER proposition!

5. What’s your ‘dream’ customer and why?

What we call a ‘magic 50 customer’. These are a circa 500 to 5,000-sized staff business, supporting 5-20 in-house HR and ER professionals.

Airbnb would be a nice name to add to an already impressive list of well-known ‘disruptor’ brands. While Amazon and Apple would also be on my wish-list of future customer wins.

6. Describe ESPHR in one word


7. What is the one thing that you’d want your customers to know you for?

Market-leading customer service excellence.

8. What would you like to achieve over the next 12 months – at ESPHR and individually?

I want the business to be more widely known in the HR community for being that reassuring legal services disruptor and the ‘go-to’ brand for innovative employment law support.

9. You’re in an industry that never stops. What’s in store for ER over the next 12 months?

Employee Relations (ER) needs to become much more of a strategic business commitment and priority. Currently, most businesses treat it as a relatively low-level tactical activity and do not invest anywhere near enough in people, systems and processes to drive real transformational change.

ESPHR can lead the debate and thinking in this regard, because it is far too important to be left in the margins of key business priorities.

10. Outside of work, what do you like doing?

Keeping fit at the gym, by cycling or walking my dogs – and also going on holiday! I would like to go back to doing some big ocean sailing at some point too.


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Author: Peter Byrne

Founder, ESP Group

Pete set up ESP Group in March 2003, after running an HR resource management business for three years. 

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