One of the things the HR industry doesn’t suffer from is a lack of information. Access to high quality resources, articles and features for just about any subject is at our fingertips.

The only problem is, it can be a little overwhelming with the sheer volume of content passing your eyes every day. That’s why we’ve consulted, conversed and now curated a list of 10 must-read or must-follow social media accounts from across the HR and employment law field.

Our criteria for compiling this list was relevance and usefulness to HR leaders, specifically. If you’re in a position of leadership or aspiring to a leadership role, what insights and commentary would be useful in your role?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, by any means. It’s simply a good starting point. And while you’re probably already following many of these expert commentators, analysts and thought leaders, there may be one or two you are not.

Our list is drawn from across the board and on different platforms from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and those who have their own blog.

Here’s the first 10 social media accounts you need to follow as an HR leader:

1. Dave Ulrich

Professor of business and expert in human resource management as well as a highly prolific author of a number of books on the subject ( Ulrich is a highly influential and knowledgeable thought leader in the HR space with a huge following on LinkedIn and Twitter, where he posts several times a day.

Why HR leaders should follow Dave: His insights on the importance of strategic HR.

Follow Dave Ulrich at: @dave_ulrich or

2. Daniel Barnett

Practising employment law barrister, legal commentator and educator in employment law and HR litigation. Barnett posts daily to his authoritative Employment Law Vault blog and tweets regular relevant employment law content to his 8.5K followers. Around 30,000 individuals also receive Barnett’s regular email bulletins.

Why HR leaders should follow Daniel: His commentary and analysis on employment law issues.

Follow Daniel Barnett at: @daniel_barnett or

3. Suzanne Lucas

The self-styled Evil HR Lady, Lucas is an HR commentator and writer having spent 10 years in corporate HR. She justifiably has a huge following on Twitter – 26.2K followers – where she posts and shares articles and answers direct questions from HR professionals as well as personal and often funny tweets.

Why HR leaders should follow Suzanne: Her depth of knowledge and experience of corporate HR.

Follow Suzanne Lucas at: @RealEvilHRLady or or

4. David D’Souza

Head of Engagement and London at the CIPD, expert in organisational development, author and speaker, D’Souza’s personal blog 101 Half Connected Things is a treasure trove of great writing and thinking on HR. Among the subjects he writes about are management, learning and development, leadership and business.

Why HR leaders should follow David: His insights on how HR contributes to better working lives.

Follow David D’Souza at: @dds180 or or

5. Jenny Roper

Editor at HR magazine, Jenny is a younger face but with wisdom beyond her years. Always retweeting and sharing valuable articles from across the industry she has a keen eye for current affairs and their impact on business, especially when it comes to feminism.

Why HR leaders should follow Jenny: See how the up-and-coming authorities see the world of HR.

Follow Jenny at: @JennyRopes or

6. Lolly Daskal

CEO of Lead From Within, a consultancy for business people and leaders, author and writer, Daskal’s followers on Twitter alone number a staggering 1.3 million, so chances are you’re already a fan.

Why HR leaders should follow Lolly: Her advice on how to be a good leader.

Follow Lolly Daskal at: @LollyDaskal or

7. HR magazine

Full disclosure: esphr is HR magazine’s chosen partner for commercial employment law advisory and online services via their partner brand HR Legal Service, but it doesn’t change the fact that HR magazine is hands-down the UK’s most authoritative resource for all things HR. If you want a resource that plunges you right into the middle of what people-focused leaders are talking about today and the challenges they’ll be facing in the future, this is your go-to resource.

Why HR leaders should follow HR Magazine: For business-critical insight into the most high-level, strategic HR issues.

Follow HR magazine on: @hrmagazine or or


An HR software company with a growing bank of great, positive HR content and an increasingly dedicated following on social media. With 12.7K Twitter followers and 4.6K LinkedIn followers consuming CIPHR’s own content and carefully curated articles from leading HR outlets, CIPHR is a growing authority in the HR software industry. If you were wondering, now’s the time to follow them.

Why HR leaders should follow CIPHR: For the rich, insightful content, covering all aspects of HR strategy, from technology and recruitment to wellbeing and performance management. 

Follow CIPHR at: @CIPHRHRSoftware or or or

9. HR Grapevine

In competition to be the top HR magazine, HR Grapevine is always a good place for news and research on HR operations, leadership, and compensation and benefits. And with a 75.3K Twitter following and a 12.2K LinkedIn community, they’ve clearly got some worthwhile lessons for experienced and aspiring leaders.

Why HR leaders should follow HR Grapevine: For the news and for the valuable feature articles on a wide range of HR issues.

Follow HR Grapevine at: @HRGrapevine or or or

10. HR Zone

An HR digital magazine with a large social media presence and a worthwhile email newsletter. You’ll be joining 66.6K HR professionals around the world on Twitter, reading and learning from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Why HR leaders should follow HR Zone: For the newsletter and important HR insights from other HR experts.

Follow HR Zone at: @HRZone or or

With so many big HR influences vying for your attention, it’s important to know who to listen to so that you can provide the best leadership advice to others without wasting thankless hours reading bad content.

The list could go on, but this is to start you off with some of the most trusted influences and interesting people in HR from our perspective.

Maybe yours are different? Who are you following on social media in the HR and employment law space? And why?

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