How we helped a city investment firm expand its HR capability

Founded in 2012, Castle Trust is a rapidly growing financial services company offering mortgage and investment products. Since 2014, the company has experienced rapid growth, jumping from 25 to 95 employees, all of whom were located in Central London. In December 2014, the decision was made to relocate the business to a smaller office in Basingstoke.

About Castle Trust

  • 95 staff
  • Founded in 2012
  • Mortgage and Investment products

The Challenge

There were two major issues Castle Trust needed to deal with immediately:

  1. The relocation of the business from Central London to Basingstoke brought with it a redundancy programme, which had to be managed carefully in accordance with the employment law framework
  2. As the company grew from a start up to an established business, the number and complexity of HR issues rose and pressure was mounting on the HR manager

As the company’s reach expanded and HR issues grew, there were serious concerns as to whether it would be able to cope and stay ahead of emerging HR issues and ensure that the level of employment law and regulatory expertise was kept up to date. Failure to do so would potentially result in costly mistakes or omissions, which would have a financial impact on the business. As such, it was paramount that operational capacity and expertise was maintained at a high level.

The Solution

According to Castle Trust Chief Operating Officer, Barry Searle, there were three options available to the business:

  1. Hire a contracted HR professional or employ another HR manager
  2. Retain an expensive, London based specialist employment law firm
  3. Investigate options which offered specialist employment law advice, alongside online documentation resources

The first option was dismissed as there was uncertainty as to whether even an in-house HR manager would be able to keep up with the regular changes in employment law. The option of retaining a traditional law firm gave the HR function specialist employment law capability, but the hourly cost was too prohibitive.

In investigating the third option, ESP was chosen ahead of others based on its competitive pricing model, access to an online portal with HR documentation and policies drafted by a dedicated HR and legal advisory team and further access to a practising employment lawyer who would be available to them via phone, email and online when needed. According to Searle, ESP was able to deliver exactly what was promised and successfully helped Castle Trust through the redundancy programme that was necessary due to the relocation project.

ESP continues to provide ongoing operational support with a dedicated employment law advisor, which, combined with a newly implemented self-help HR system, allows Castle Trust to maintain employment law capability without the cost of employing an HR manager.

With other suppliers, the available documentation in many cases seemed like regurgitated letters and there wasn’t an option to be able to speak to a specialist employment lawyer who understood your business.

What I like about ESP is their combination of high quality documentation and policies made available to us through the website, alongside the instant access to specialist legal advice. Best of all is having our own dedicated lawyer we can speak to whenever we need. The advice they give is simple to understand and tailored to our business and its specific challenges.

Although we still use a traditional law firm on certain specialist employment law matters, working with ESP gives me peace of mind that we’re on top of employment law on day to day matters. I know ESP is up to date. Working with ESP has also proved a massive cost benefit for the business.

Barry Searle
Chief Operating Officer, Castle Trust

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